Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Panties!!! ⏳⏳

It is almost that time! Time for Panties Across the Bridge!!! Do you know one of the main things we need to make this a successful event? You got it! PANTIES!!!

Did you know every pair of panties we hang on the bridge symbolizes a life lost to gynecological cancer? We need to hang panties to make every woman aware of gynecological cancers. Women need to listen to their bodies. They need to know the signs and the symptoms of gynecological cancer.

How can we make this fun? Get together with your girlfriends and decorate panties! Pin them together and bring them to the bridge on July 13th and hang them! Put words of encouragement, honor loved ones, or just be creative!

Let's see how many panties we can get from around the United States! We all know people who live in different states! Ask grandma, aunt or your friend who moved to decorate a pair and put their state on a pair! Can we get all 50 states?

Have a celebrity sign a pair of panties! We already have a pair of autographed Olympic Gold Medalist Shannon Miller panties! Ask Jeff & Jenn, a Reds player, news anchor, Drew and Nick Lachey, any one you can think of! The person who gets the most celebrity panties gets a prize!! We will have a celebrity spotlight on the bridge!

Panties Across the Bridge is the event Jaymie's oldest daughter, Hope created the day after her passing. This is Hope's message that no other child should have to lose their mother. No person should have to lose their mother, daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, or friend to a gynecological cancer. Have a panty party, come to Panties Across the Bridge, and make yourself aware of gynecological cancer symptoms. Early detection and prevention are key!

Remember we will also be lighting the bridge TEAL that night for awareness! I cannot wait for this AMAZING event!!!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Cancer Fighting Recipe Monday

Eating a wholesome balanced diet, exercising, and living a healthy lifestyle are all part of cancer prevention. Here is a delicious recipe to help preventing cancer yummy!

Dandelions Greens Salad:

1 large bunch of dandelion greens that are washed and trimmed
3 green onions that are chopped
3 teaspoons of fresh dill
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
Juice of 1/2 lemon
Salt and pepper to taste

Combine greens, onions, and dill in a large bowl. Whisk remaining ingredients together. Toss dressing with greens.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Want a diet that fights cancer?

Who wants a diet that fights cancer?! I DO!! Here is a sample of what you could eat throughout your day.

Breakfast- Whole grain cereal with fresh fruit, seeds, and/or nuts.

Lunch- A salad filled with beans, peas, and other veggies. Always remember to use whole grain bread for sandwiches and to add veggies.

Snack- Fresh fruit and vegetables. Raw vegetables with hummus. Trail mix with dried fruit, nuts, and seeds.

Dinner- Add fresh or frozen veggies to anything you eat. Replace creamy pasta sauces with tomato sauce made with olive oil.

Dessert- Choose fruit or one piece of dark chocolate.

It is important to eat healthy to take care of your body. It also is important to teach your kids how to eat right. Healthy eating needs to be a lifetime commitment, and there's no other way to teach this than to be an example!

Have a healthy recipe? Please share it with us!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our BIG Announcement!!!!

We had our quarterly meeting tonight. We had an awesome time! Game time with Gail is a hoot! Volunteers were informed on our upcoming events: Teal Off to Cancer Golf Outing, Florence Freedom Baseball Game, And Panties Across the Bridge.

Our big announcement comes with Panties Across the Bridge. Panties Across the Bridge will be from 12-6PM. It will consist of a health fair this year. THEN... That night we will be lighting the Purple People Bridge TEAL!!!!

From 6-8:30 we will be having cheerleader performances, dance troops, choirs, etc leading up to our lighting ceremony. The lighting ceremony will begin at 8:30 PM. A fighter will light the bridge as we do a check presentation for a research grant. The bridge will remain lit for the entire night being seen from all around the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area!!! Bringing awareness for gynecological cancers in a new way!!!

Along with the bridge being lit TEAL, this year's bridge t-shirt will be GLOW IN THE DARK!!! T-Shirts will be pre-order only. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for further details at the end of May.

Join us for our next volunteer meeting July 11th! Here are a few photos from tonight's fun!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Healthy Popsicles

It can be very difficult to eat anything while going through treatments for gynecological cancer, or any other cancer for that matter. Here is a recipe that may help eating something just a tad bit easier.

9 tbsp of water
2 tbsp of sugar
5 oz of kiwi peeled
6 oz of mango peeled
6 oz of fresh raspberries.

Make a simple syrup by combining the sugar and water in a pot and bring to a boil for 4-5 minutes.

Purée fruit separately and set aside in 3 small bowls.

Divide the syrup evenly between 3 bowls and mix in.

Equally fill 4 5 oz cups with kiwi purée. Place in freezer for an hour.

Add mango purée and freeze for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes insert the Popsicle sticks. Add raspberry purée and freeze overnight.

Enjoy!!! Eating healthy is key to your health!