Friday, February 6, 2015

Teal Out 2015

Wow, what a wonderful Teal Out for Jaymie Day! February 6, 2011 is the day we lost Jaymie. It has been four years ago already. In the last four years we have empowered, encouraged, and educated women to eliminate gynecological cancer related deaths. Today is an example of how we educated women. All of you were selfless today and wore teal for Jaymie, for someone you loved, to make everyone know what teal means. You educated others and maybe saved a life today. This is not about us, this is about the fight against cancer, and we want to thank everyone who participated today! Thank you to Hailey, Jaymie's niece who thought up the Teal Out for Jaymie three years ago. Your idea has exploded across the nation. It is amazing!! Thank you!! Below are all the pictures we have gathered today from social media. I'm sorry if we missed your picture- please tag it on our facebook page and we will add it. :-)