Sunday, September 29, 2013

Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Stacy Holbert!
This photo shows Stacy and her two children at the Panties Across the Bridge event. 

Stacy is Jaymie's sister. Stacy was asked why she volunteers. Stacy responded, " I do it all for my big sister Jaymie. Jaymie and I didn't get to grow up together, because we have different moms. Once we got older we were able to hang out more. But then we got even older and had kids and families of our own and life took over. I didn't always make the time that I wish I would have now to go visit with my sister and just hang out. So now that she is gone I will do everything in my power to spread her word and help other sisters, mothers, daughters become knowledgeable about Gynecological cancers."

Stacy was then asked what her favorite event is. "I would have to say my favorite event is Panties Across the Bridge. We raise SOOOO much awareness with this event. Next to it, my favorite is The Panties Across the Bridge Car wash. This is an event that I host to help raise funds and panties for the actual PATB event."

Thank you Stacy for all that you do for the Jaymie Jamison Foundation for Hope. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Brown County Fair Parade 2013

Tonight was the kick-off to 2013's Brown County Fair!! The kick off always begins with a parade. We got to be in the parade again this year. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the parade tonight! Stop out to see us this week at our booth. We have merchandise for sale and an awesome purse for raffle! 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Corn Maze in Honor of Jaymie

Pride Hill Farms located on Pride Hill Rd in Hamersville, OH Is having their 2nd Annual Fall Festival dedicate to Jaymie and the Jaymie Jamison Foundation for Hope. 

On October 19th will be Jaymie Jamison Day. Proceeds from this night will be donated to the Jaymie Jamison Foudation for Hope to help us raise awareness for gynecological cancers. Special activities will take place including a haunted corn maze, costume contest, kids games and live music. Bring your kids and friends and join us for a night of fun! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fruit Water Anyone?

We hear all the time how pop can affect our health. The sugar is bad for our teeth, our health, actually makes us tired, and some studies show that pop can actually cause cancer. So why do we continue to drink it? 

Here is a yummy, but naturally sweet drink to replace it with. Fruit water! All you need is water and fruit of your choice!

Cut up your favorite fruit and add it to a jar. Try any combination of fruits and add lemon, cucumber or different herbs for flavoring! Then fill the glass or pitcher up with water. Refrigerate over night. Over night the fruit naturally flavors the water making it naturally sweet. Makes a healthy sweet drink to replace pop with! Great for your kids as well!

Let us know your favorite combination!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Gail Hacker! 

Gail is one of the founding members of this Foundation. Gail has been there from the first meeting and has given her full support. 

Gail says " it is important for me to volunteer because I was there when Jaymie was sick. I saw what she went through, what her kids went through, what her parents went through, what her husband went through. And it made me realize my grand babies could lose their mother someday. Too many young women are losing their lives and they don't have too. I don't want to see anymore people die to this cancer."

Gail's favorite event is Panties Across the Bridge. You can find her working in the t-shirt booth with the biggest smile on her face. 

Thank you Gail for everything you have done and everything you continue to do. Your awesome!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Volunteer Spotlight

Hope Jamison is in our volunteer spotlight this week!

Hope is Jaymie's oldest daughter. Hope was 14 when Jaymie passed away. Hope says "it is important for me to volunteer because Jaymie was my mom and we had never heard of this type of cancer before she was diagnosed. And watching someone you love wither away is hard. I don't want anyone else to have to experience that, no matter what age you are. That's why it's important for me to volunteer so no one has to experience what we did". 

Hope's favorite event is Panties Across the Bridge. Hope envisioned and created  Panties Across the Bridge at 14. Now she is 17 and has experienced and been actively involved in shaping our largest awareness event the last 3 years. She currently is working hard toward our July 12th Panties Across the Bridge. 

Thank you Hope for everything you do. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Team Jaymie and the Hike for Hope

We are a supporter of the Hospice of Hope. Hospice provided top-notch care to Jaymie in her last days. It is part of our mission to support them. 

On October 6th in Mt Orab they are holding their Hike for Hope! Last year we got the largest group award!! Do you think we can do it again??? Join us in your teal and let's Hike for Hope in honor of our Angels and Foundation! 

Register at by October 1st to secure your t-shirt! It's only $12!!! See you there!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Jaymie's Rockin' Run for Hope

The 2nd Annual Jaymie's Rockin' Run for Hope kicked off at 5:30pm on September 7th at Devou Park in Covington,KY. It was such a beautiful day for a walk or a run! 

We had many familiar faces show up and run/walk for gynecological cancer awareness! 
Our Angel Natalie Davis' mom and daughter participated. Walking in memory of Natalie.  😊

Jaymie's mom Cheryl, Sister-in-law Anna, and Aunt Theresa walked for Jaymie. 
We had friends and supporters of our organization participate as well. 
The ladies from 5/3 bank- who also won most spirited!

Thank you all for sharing your photos of the event with us!! 

We had our traveling wall of survivors, fighters, and Angels with us. 
We want to thank everyone who registered and participated! Each step you took is helping us raise awareness for gynecological cancer. We cannot thank you enough! 

Thank you to our amazing volunteers. Without you our events would not be successful. Your are wonderful and we cannot thank you enough!

Thank you to Steve Prescott for helping us with our race and designing the race course. It was amazing. 

Thank you to the "In Memory of" sign sponsors. We are happy to help you keep the memory of your loved one alive. Thank you for helping us raise awareness. 

Thank you to Covington Police Department for helping with the race and the race course. 

Thank you to Devou Park and allowing us to have the race there. 

THANK YOU to the wonderful Stacy Cox from Shutter Photography for photographing our event! We can't wait to share her always amazing photos with you soon!

THANK YOU to our largest race sponsor, Walmart! Walmart donated all the food, water, and race bag goodies for the 2nd year in a row. This is so amazing and our event wouldn't have been a success without it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you for an amazing event! Please mark September 6, 2014 on your calendars now and let's race for awareness again next year!

Foods That Fight Hot Flashes

Many women experience a wonderful thing called hot flashes, especially while going through menopause or after having a hysterectomy. But....
Did you know there is folds that can't help stop hot flashes? Yes there is! 

These foods include:
Salad Greens

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Facts for September

As September is gynecological awareness month. Each day we will be sharing a fact with you to help make women everywhere aware of all the signs and symptoms for each gynecological cancer. Know your body. It could save your life!

September 1

September 2nd
September 3

September 4

September 5th

September 6

September 7th
September 8th
September 9th
September 10
September 11
September 12
September 13

September 14
September 15
September 16
September 17

September 18
September 19
September 20

September 21
September 22
September 23
September 24
September 25
September 26
September 27
September 28
September 29
September 30