Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why Are Gynecological Cancers Taboo???

I am not one to complain or even go off on a tangent about my beliefs or thoughts. I never argue with anyone, saying their thoughts are wrong just because they are different from mine. However, something has come along that has upset me. I cannot be quiet anymore. As being quiet is why women die everyday to a disease they know nothing about. 

We women all have vaginas, used as part of our reproductive system. These beautiful organs are what give us our offspring. We carry our beautiful children, who we cherish and love with all our heart and soul, in our womb. We endure pain to deliver our children. We even enjoy sexual acts with our sex organs, our vaginas! They are a part of our human anatomy. Then we have our breast. Here our breasts also serve a purpose. To feed our young. Here's the catch. Both parts of our anatomy, our female anatomy can get cancer. 

Yes, I said it. They BOTH can develop cancer! Education is key to finding breast cancer early. Do your monthly self-mammograms in the shower. Check for lumps. This is very important and life saving. I do it every month and so should YOU! I see pink everywhere, even outside the months of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is NOT taboo to speak about your breasts. It's encouraged in fact to tell others, educate them, and you and your loved ones could live a long happy life. 

No one tells you that most of sexually active MEN and WOMEN will be effected with HPV. There is NO cure for HPV, nor is there a screening test for HPV for men. Certain strands of HPV cause CERVICAL CANCER. And one of the most commonly misunderstood thing, yes you CAN die from cervical cancer. Signs of cervical cancer often do not show up until the cancer has progressed into later stages. 

Ovarian cancer is also a silent killer, often showing no signs until ovarian cancer is in a late stage. Endometrial cancer is the same way. There are NO tests to screen for these cancers.  Ladies these are silent killers. Yet, how often do you see teal? How often do you see the signs and symptoms urging you to go to the doctor if they persist for more than 2 weeks? How often do you hear how important it is that you see your gynecologist once a year and have a Pap smear? Do women really understand the importance? I will answer this question for you. NO they do not. 

Jaymie Jamison was one of these women, like many others we have met along this journey who did not understand the importance. Why didn't she? No one was there to educate these women. The Jaymie Jamison Foundation for Hope is here to educate you, your loved ones, anyone and everyone we meet so Another family will not lose someone like the Jamison's did. And we try hard. 

We have written several articles for a local newspaper to have the article not published, or not published to it's full extend. They have weeded out the educational information that is so important for others to know. This information could possible save someone's life and yet the newspaper withholds the information. Why??? HPV and vagina are taboo. Let's stop making this taboo! Every woman has a vagina and they ALL need to know what the risks are, what are the signs and symptoms just like we know about breast cancer. Who cares if it offends someone? If it saves someone's life that they love how can they be offended? It is time to educate people on gynecological cancers. 

I am challenging you to tell everyone you know about the importance of yearly check-ups. Ask people "have you had your pap this year?" If no, urge them to schedule an appointment. Share with them Jaymie's story. Read our January blogs and share one of their stories! I know Jaymie, Natalie, Meganne, Katrina, Sarah and many other women would give anything to go to the doctor sooner. It could have saved their lives. Now their mothers, husbands, children, friends and family are left behind grieving and fighting to save others. Please join us in making a stand to spread awareness for gynecological cancers. I will keep sending articles to the paper. I will NOT take no for an answer. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mt Orab Food Court Sells Hearts for Gynecological Awareness

The Mount Orab Food Court raised $450 for the Jaymie Jamison Foundation for Hope during Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. During January, the Food Court sold hearts to customers and donated the proceeds to the Jaymie Jamison Foundation for Hope. 

The Jaymie Jamison Foundation for Hope is a non-profit organization raising awareness for gynecological cancers. Their mission is to empower, encourage, and educate women to eliminate gynecological cancer related deaths. Jaymie Jamison lost her ten month battle to cervical cancer in February 2011. Cervical cancer deaths can be prevented with early detection. Cervical cancer is cause by HPV, which almost every sexually active man and woman come into contact with during their lifetime. Certain types of HPV can cause cervical cancer. Yearly screenings and Pap smears help detect cervical cancer. Other symptoms include pain or bleeding during or after sexual intercourse, unusual bleeding, or an unusual discharge. If you experience any of these symptoms for two weeks or long immediately see your doctor. Knowing the signs and symptoms, and seeing your doctor yearly can save your life. It whispers, so listen. 

Thank you to the Mount Orab Food Court for your support of our organization. Thank you to everyone who purchased a heart. To learn more about our organization please visitwww.jaymiejamisonfoundation.org

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Angela

Meet Angela Shepherd! 
Angela has been with the Jaymie Jamison Foundation since the very beginning. She helped create the basis for this Foundation! 

When asked why Angela volunteers she says, "When Jaymie's health was declining Jaymie told me 'I dont't want any other family to do this, tell people about this cancer.' So it was then I knew we had to begin this foundation and spread awareness for Jaymie. This is what she wanted."

Angela says it is hard to pick a favorite event. She enjoys that at every event new faces come up and say they have heard of this Foundation and what we are doing. She loves knowing Jaymie is watching our every move and loves the families we come in contact with and watching Jaymie's children grow. 

Thank you Angela for your work on this Foundation. It is greatly appreciated it :-)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Teal Out for Jaymie 2-6-14

Today is the 3rd anniversary of our sweet Jaymie's passing. In honor of her passing and to raise awareness for cervical cancer Jaymie's niece Hailey created Teal  out for Jaymie. It was a success. Here are some photos of people wearing teal today!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

31 Bags To Be Used For Comfort Kits

In May 2013 The Jaymie Jamison Foundation for Hope collected 35 bags that were filled with goodies to help women through their battle with cancer. The bags were donated to Adam County Cancer Center. Our goal for 2014 is to replenish the bags at ACCC and make a donation to another Cancer Center. 

Natalie Vogel and Jennifer Ralston are 31 consultants that are making this happen for us again this year! They are the only
Consultants offering this deal, so for us to take advantage of this please host your party with them. They are offering some incentives as well. 50% of commission from your party will be donated to the Jaymie Jamison Foundation for Hope. If your party totals $1,000+ another 5% will be added. If you collect 5 bags (any type of bags) then 5% will be added. Have 3 people book a party from your party and another 5% will be added. 

In February the 31 special is a bag we are looking to collect for the comfort kits. 
Place your order and spend $35+ and donate a bag for $10! 

We have two parties currently in progress for February. Go to www.MyThirtyOne.com/NatalieV to place your order. Interested in booking a party? Let Natalie know! Contact her at 937-618-1151

We began with a 31 party in January and was able to collect 14 bags for the Foundation. Can you help us double the number if bags we had last year? Can we gain 50 bags to be donated to help women during their battle with cancer? 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Volunteer Spotlight- Josh Fite

Meet Josh Fite!
Josh has been volunteering for the Jaymie Jamison Foundation since the 1st Annual Panties Across the Bridge. When asked why Josh Volunteers he said, " I volunteer because I love Jaymie and the Saylor family. I understand the cause and the effect of the foundation will bring to other women. It's so important for women to learn from others mistakes and choices, and if we can stop this from happening to other women then the foundation has done it's job."

Josh says Panties Across the Bridge is his favorite event. 

Thank you Josh for volunteering and making a difference.