Monday, July 13, 2015

Panties across the Bridge 2015 Recap

July 11th 2015 was the 5th Annual Panties Across the Bridge! We have had so much rain in June and July we were blessed with a dry day! We are so thankful for the break in the rain for our event. We were also blessed with amazing sponsors.
Thank you to ur sponsors Tele-vac, Team Kelley, Vincent Lighting, CPA, Hoerrstmann Builders, Queen City Financial Advisors, Hydro Systems, J&L Electric, and Sam's Club. Your support helped us raise so much awareness on this day! 

We had amazing vendors this year! Thank you to all of our vendors who participated in our event that day! 
We had THRIVE!
Alice Frazier with Yountevity and a spa line. Thanks Alice!
Dennis Simpson with Wax On Candles. Thanks Dennis!
Brittany Fitzgerald-Zimmermann with Jamberry. Thanks Brittany!!
Ashton Petrie with Scentsy. Thanks Ashton!
Bridget Conley with MaryKay. Thanks Bridget!
Leah Moss with Melaluc. Thanks Leah!
Betty Hancock with One Dame's Frames. Thanks Betty!!
Natalie Reder with Youngevity. Thanks Natalie!!
Pure Roamnce. Thank you!!!
Ferrigno wellness booth. Thank you!
Crystal Oaks with Keep Jewelry. Thanks Crystal!
Back Bone wellness Chiropractor. Thank you!!!
The Jaymie Jamison Foundation Awareness booth. 
Q-102 was there! Thank you Q-102!!!
The Jaymie Jamison Foundation merchandise booth was hopping!
Shannon Fink with Younique, and even putting on her Moodstruck eye lashes. Thanks Shannon.
Lisa Irwin with LuLa Roe. Thanks Lisa!
We had panties sent to us from Minnesota and hand delivered all the way from Florida! Panties are decorated in honor of loved ones. Hold encouraging words or cherished memories. Thank you for your amazing panties everyone! 

We had a wall of fighters, survivors, and angels placed before you entered the bridge. Thank you to everyone who submitted your loved ones photo to be hung on the bridge.
The panties hung across the bridge. Here you can see different views of the panties. 
We even had some of our sponsors show up! 
We had survivors, fighters, and angels stop for a photo. Some even gave a message to others.
Jaime traveled all the way from Brandon, FL to attend our event. She has beat cervical cancer-twice!
Others have messages in their own way...
We have met many woman and their families over the last five years. We love the groups that attend wearing the shirts to support their loved one. 
Team Kelley
Jaime and her girls from Florida
Team Meg
Team Melissa
This little girl raised money for our cause by selling lemonade at her own stand. God bless her little heart :-)

We had live music again this year! They were all amazing entertainment!
We had the Turkeys!
Jaymie's daughter Hope performed again this year. She did amazing as always.
Jordan Jackson returned for the 3rd year in a row. Great job Jordan! 
The Missy Werner band closed the night, and even had the crowd chanting "One more!"

The lighting ceremony began...
We had the drawing for the Explorer Playset. The winner was.... Brendan Taylor!
Hope sung Up to the Mountain.

Our fighter and survivor helped us light the bridge. Melissa is currently battling cervical cancer. She is a single mother of 5 boys. She lives in Norwood, Ohio. Jaime is a mother to five girls. She lives in Brandon, Florida. She is a cervical cancer survivor- twice!!!! These ladies helped us light the bridge teal on a count down from 5.
Thank you ladies!!!!

Here is the end result:
Thank you to Ryan Marsh Photography for capturing this amazing photo!

We had such an amazing event! Thank you to channel 5 and Fox 19 for covering Panties Across the Bridge. Below you can click on the links to see the news coverage of our event.