Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Low Down on Tomatoes

It's the time of year you see roadside vendors selling vegetables from their garden. People like to go to Farmers Markets- Findley Market being a popular one in Cincinnati. Items from our own gardens are ready to be picked. But did you know that one vegetable from your garden could aide in the prevention of ovarian cancer?

Yep, that's right- TOMATOES!  A tomato contains lycopene. Lycopene is thought to boost your cancer defense in certain groups of people. Evidence shows the lycopene in tomatoes may prevent bladder cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, pancreas cancer and OVARIAN cancer. 

There is no evidence that it fights cancer, just helps prevent it. Another reason to eat that tomato from your garden!  

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to Make a Cancer Fighting Meal

Everyone of us need to be living a healthy life style to keep our bodies healthy so we can be there for our loved ones. We need to eat right, exercise, and make and attend our yearly appointment with our doctor. You need to know your body so you can tell the doctor when something isn't right. 

Eating healthy is very hard to do and something the majority of us struggle to do on a daily basis. I will be the first to admit I'd rather eat a hot fudge sundae anyday over brown rice. But I want to be there for my children. Eating healthy also sets an example for your children. Here is a guideline to eating a cancer fighting meal. Fill your plate with these objects and you are fighting against cancer. 

Notice how the vegetable portion is the largest on your plate??

I know life is busy, but make the extra effort to combat cancer before there is cancer!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sponsorship Opportunities for the 2nd Annual Jaymie's Rockin' Run for Hope

The 2nd Annual Jaymie's Rockin' Run for  Hope is September 7th (gynecological awareness month) at Devou Park in Covington. We are looking for sponsors for our race. Please look at the options available and please contact us to let us know if you or your business would be interested in being a valued sponsor for our race. 

Presenting Sponsor: $5,000
This includes print advertisements on all postcards, signs, Included on web page and social media, Sponsorship on newsletter and thank you's
Opportunity to address supporters,
Opportunity to have products available to participants, 3 large banners at event,
5 participate fees waived

Stage Sponsor- $500. 
Logo on sign/banner on stage and near recognition

Special awards Sponsor- $250
Logo on award certificates, sign near registration, event page, newsletter and thank you. 

Water Station Sponsor- $100

Sign at 1 of 2 hydration stations

Guardians of Hope Course Sponsor- $50
Half lawn sign in honor of a loved one placed strategically along race course. 

All proceeds from this event will help us fulfill our mission if raising awareness for gynecological cancer, support
Women and their families as they battle gynecological cancer, and provide support to research and Hospice of Hope. 

Please contact us at if you would like to sponsor this amazing event. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

3rd Annual Panties Across the Bridge- an event to remember

Yesterday was the 3rd Panties Across the Bridge and an event to go down in the record books. We saw many familiar faces who have supported us since the beginning, we met new people, an people came to us and told us their stories. I want to give you a recap of all the events and some stories that touched our hearts. 

 Friday night as we were hanging the banners on the bridge a lady comes up and asks "what is this for". After describing to her about the event and telling her Jaymie's story tears welled up in her eyes and she says, "my sister has stage 4 cervical cancer". I invited them to the event. But she was in town from Georgia. She did take a card and wants to send panties for next years event. It's amazing who you meet up there on that bridge. 

The celebrity panties were the first to go up. Some may not realize how these autographed panties could help us raise awareness. Many people saw these and asked, "what are these for? Why did they sign them?" Anything to make people realize the importance of gynecological cancer awareness. 
Brandy Shinkle, a survivor hung her picture on the bridge and shared her story how her youngest saved her life. Thank you Brandy for using your story to raise awareness to others. Rhonda Davis hung her daughter Natalie Davis' picture on the bridge. We honored Natalie July 2011 at our first PAB. Natalie lost her life to cervical cancer in November 2011. Rhonda helps us shout from the rooftops  about gynecological cancer awareness. Lexi Jamison hangs her moms (Jaymie Jamison) picture on the bridge. We will continue to fight your fight Jaymie. Other pictures were sent to us and brought during the day to hang on the bridge. 

Seeing these brave faces amongst the panties really helps put in to perspective that gynecological cancer is real and it can effect any of us. No matter our age. As you can see most of these beautiful faces are very young. Know the facts ladies. 
We had women travel from all over to be apart of our event. Christina Klein, a 9 Year ovarian cancer survivor and founder of the Make A Noise for Ovarian Cancer organization came to share her story with friend and co-founder Chrissie Landolfi who lost her mother to ovarian cancer. Chrissie hung a picture of her gorgeous mother on the bridge. Thank you ladies for sharing for your story with us and helping us spread awareness. 
Kelly Pozzoli, who has been battling cervical cancer came from St Louis to help share her story for awareness. Kelly announced her diagnoses on the Jeff Probst Show and has done several follow up episodes with him about her process. Kelly thank you for sharing your story and coming all this way, even though you do not feel 100%. Keep fighting! Kelly also was the fighter who lit the Purple People Bridge teal for the first time ever! 

Meganne Campbell's family (Team Meg) traveled all the way from Cumberland,KY to see Panties Across the Bridge. Meg's mom gave Jaymie's mom a huge hug. She also shared with us how they are spreading awareness. She spreads awareness everywhere to anyone she sees: waitresses, nurses, friends, passer byer's. Thank you for spreading awareness with us Team Meg!!

This survivor has been coming to events for awhile and I had to take a picture of her on the bridge. 
We had panties even sent all the way New Jersey!

We had vendors during the day from noon-6pm. Thank you to all the vendors who participated in our event. 
 As the health and wellness expo wrapped up live music began to take us into the evening. Hope Jamison started us off. 
Followed by Ghost Mountain. 
Jordan Jackson performed. 
Spencer Sutherland came from Columbus, OH. 
Local heart throb Dylan Holland performed. 

After Dylan's performance the lighting ceremony began. First sky lanterns were lit for loved ones. 
Katie, from Q-102 emceed our ceremony. Thank you Katie! Hope sang "Up to the Mountain". Kelly Pozzoli pulled the switch to light the bridge. 

This is the first time the Purple People Bridge has been teal for gynecological cancer awareness! So amazing and thank you so much to Vincent Lighting for making this possible. 

Jaymie's family poses in front of the teal bridge. 
Gypsy Stone finished the evening with their performance. 
Thank you to all of our vendors, participates, lighting sponsors, bands, and volunteers. Thank you for helping us raise awareness for gynecological cancers. 
Lighting sponsor: Natalie Vogel and Jennifer Ralston 31 consultants
Lighting Sponsors: Vincent Lighting,DHL, Dentistry at University Pointe, EC Nurr funeral home, and Mike Castrucci Chevrolet. 
Lighting Sponsors: Crestview Hills, Georgetown Villa, Sharefax, and Treefrog Apparel. 

Thank you to all of our 2013 sponsors. 
Can't wait until next year. This was the best year yet! See you on July 12, 2014!