Sunday, October 27, 2013

Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Shannon Helton!

Shannon has been a volunteer since the beginning of the Jaymie Jamison Foundation for Hope. When asked why she volunteers she replied, "Jaymie was a friend of mine. I have seen what her family went through and is still going through to this very day. I don't want this to happen to anyone else's family. I want my girls to be educated on gynecological cancers. I want to make sure they and all of my loved ones know about prevention, signs and symptoms."

Shannon was asked what her favorite event is. She answered, " I enjoy Panties Across the Bridge because of the awareness we bring to people, but mostly I love giving back and helping other people by supporting them or educating them."

Shannon is the sponsorship coordinator for the organization. Please contact her at to learn about sponsorship opportunities. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Laura Love!

Laura is one of our newest volunteers! Laura discovered the Jaymie Jamison Foundation for Hope after seeing a sign for a Panties Across the Bridge Car wash out on by Jaymie's sister. She has volunteered ever since!

When asked why she volunteers she said, "I volunteer because it is a way to honor my mom who lost her battle in 1985. I love the bridge event the most because I enjoy educating people about how important our cause is. My goal is to tell everyone I ever come in contact with about the foundation and why we do what we do. Young girls especially need to be educated."  

Laura we love your passion to help us raise awareness! Thank you for everything you do!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Volunteer Spotlight

This week in our volunteer spotlight is Wrai Fite!

Meet Wrai

Wrai was interviewed and asked why she volunteers for the Jaymie Jamison Foundation for Hope. She responded, "I volunteer for selfish reasons I believe.  I love Jaymie and the way she was soft spoken and how she was always a happy person.  My daughter and Jaymie grew up together, played together, lived together and loved together.  Cheryl is one of my closest friends and my heart bled for her, Jeff, Hopie who voice brings tears to my eyes, Lexi who stuck to her mom like glue, Maddie who is a duplicate of Jaymie and of course Jett who Jaymie was so proud to finally have her son for Her and Jon.  I love this family and volunteering is what I can do to feel close to Jaymie and the kids.  If one person would not have to go through what Jaymie went through, then the little time that I volunteer is worth everything to me."

Wrai was then asked what her favorite event is. She stated, "The Panties Across the Bridge Event.  It was our first voice about Jaymie and her family."

Thanks Wrai for all you do to help make women everywhere aware of gynecological cancers! 

Jaymie Jamison Night at Pride Hill Corn Maze

Pride Hill Farms presents Jaymie Jamison Foundation Night at the Pride Hill Corn Maze located at 1142 Pride Hill Rd Hamersville, OH 45130on October 19, 2013. The farm opensat 10am, but the special activities begin at 5pm until 10pm

Activities to be included on Jaymie Jamison Night is the corn maze will be haunted that night beginning at dark. Bring your own flashlight if you dare to go into the corn maze! A costume contest will take place for all ages. There will be hayrides and pick your own pumpkin from the patch. Face painting, pumpkin carving and pumpkin painting will be available. New this year is our extended petting zoo. We will have live music beginning at 5pm with Hope Jamison, Jordan Jackson, and Mike and Jeff Pickin' amd Grinnin' performing. Concessions will be available, along with chili over a camp fire and s'mores to roast. Fall decorations are also available. 

Adult admission is $8. Children are $6. 2 and under are free. Hayrides are free, pay for pick your own pumpkin. Groups are welcome. For groups of 10 or more it's $5 a person. 

The corn maze cut out is dedicated to Jaymie Jamison. A Hamersville mother of 4 who lost her life to cervical cancer. A Foundation was created in her honor to raise awareness for all gynecological cancers. The mission of the Foundation is to educate, encourage and empower women about gynecological cancers and eliminate gynecological cancer related deaths. To learn how you could volunteer

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Volunteer spotlight

This week in our volunteer spotlight is Evonne Daughtery. She is Jaymie's mother-in-law. 

Meet Evonne!
Evonne was interviewed and asked 'why do you volunteer?' She responded, "It's my calling. I don't feel complete unless I'm giving part of my t to volunteering. It's important to make a difference, big or small. I've lost people near and dear to me and while they were ill I couldn't help them. This is one way that I feel I am helping . Giving back,helping. These are my works!"

Evonne was asked 'what her favorite event is?' She responded, "I don't have a favorite, I love them all!!"

Thanks Evonne for all you do to help spread gynecological cancer awareness. It is appreciated way more than you know and we can express!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Corn Maze Opens This Weekend!

Pride Hill Farms Corn Maze is Open THIS weekend!

A ten acre corn maze cut out to honor Jaymie. How amazing is that? This Fall festival is open weekly until November 2nd. There is a pumpkin patch, hayrides, fall decorations, petting zoo, bounce houses, concessions and family fun! Groups/ field trips are also welcomed!

$8 for adults
$6 for children
Groups of 10 or more will be $5 a person

On October 19th join us for Jaymie Jamison Foundation for Hope Day! There will be special activities and live music! More details to come. All proceeds earned that day will benefit the Jaymie Jamison Foundation for Hope.