Sunday, December 22, 2013

Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Anna Saylor

This week's volunteer spotlight is Anna Saylor. 
Anna is Jaymie's sister-in-law, a Foundation member and heads up the volunteer department for the Foundation. Anna was interviewed about why she feels volunteering for the Jaymie Jamison Jamison is important. Anna talked about why she volunteers, "Not only is the JJFH a great organization to volunteer for, but I also volunteer to help spread awareness. It is amazing to see how the community lacks the knowledge of gynecological  cancers, so therefore, it is important to me to educate people about the different types of cancers and the signs and symptoms they need to be aware of and help make a difference in someone's life. I always tell people "YOU KNOW YOU BODY" if you think something is wrong then take action. "GO GET CHECKED""

Anna was asked why she feels the Foundation is important. She states," The foundation is important to me because Jaymie Jamison is my sister-in-law. My husbands sister and the aunt of our children. When she passed from a gynecological cancer, it was important to keep her name alive. And by this foundation it helps us remember her big heart and what she wanted for the community. Also with this foundation, it is so IMPORTANT to spread awareness about gynecological cancers so that another family doesn't have to go through what we all went through!"

Anna was asked about her favorite event. She said,"My favorite event is "Panties Across the Bridge" This event is the biggest awareness event that the foundation holds. Not only does it bring awareness, but it also makes you realize how many women and families are effected by a gynecological cancer. Panties Across the Bridge brings a variety of the communities together and share their stories. It is a FUN/family event and it will just get bigger and bigger!! "

Thanks Anna for all that you do to raise awareness for gynecological cancers. 

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